Embedded Linux Engineering

Product development

We have been working on Linux, bootloaders, build systems and distributions for almost 10 years. During this time, we've accumulated enough experience to help you design, build, optimise and maintain your project or device.

We have a strong focus on Linux-based systems, including embedded devices based on tailored distributions such as Buildroot or Android, and firmware development.

Free and open source software

Free and Open Source systems are one of our core values. With more than a thousand patches contributed to Linux, hundreds in the U-Boot bootloader and dozens in other embedded related projects, we can take you to the next level. It's not only open-source, it's upstream.

And we're not just contributors, we also maintain an SoC family, and the drm-misc tree, intended for the embedded display drivers.

Support and Consulting

You already have a product and need help debugging or improving some part of it?

We have experience here too! We can debug whatever issue you have, and have worked on challenging power management and boot time optimisations in the past, on a number of different platforms.


Maintenance is critical for products with a long lifespan. This is usually a combination of finding and fixing bugs, keeping up with newer releases of the components involved in the product, being able to deploy new updates and making sure our changes are merged in the upstream projects to reduce the maintenance effort.

We can help and provide solutions for those four aspects.

Contact us!

We're located in Toulouse, France, but we can work for clients worldwide.
If you have a kernel-related project, let's have a discussion to see how we can help!